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Richard Jacobs has been licensed to practice law in California since 2007, specializing in all
aspects of real estate law, landlord-tenant, unlawful detainer, Personal Injury, bankruptcy and general
business law, as to litigation and transactional. Mr. Jacobs has managed thousands of cases from
inception to trial, drafting all relevant notices, pleadings, motions, discovery and pre- and post-trial
pleadings, including Appeals, conducting client interviews, depositions, and litigating trials, both as
plaintiff and defendant, in state and federal courts. Mr. Jacobs has conducted and won dozens of jury
Richard Jacobs graduated from Notre Dame High School of Sherman Oaks, received his B.A.
from UCLA in 2004. While attending UCLA, Mr. Jacobs was a member of the UCLA football team. In
2007, Mr. Jacobs, received his J.D. from Chapman University School of Law.


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